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Originally Posted by daviddavieboy View Post
What is this crisis you talk about? Papa Wheelies is one of my faves, 4 miles from the truck stop in Maine.
Back Bay Bicycles announced that they lost their lease and were closing a few years ago. There was much rejoicing when they found their lost lease and remained at their basement location.

They then purchased the stock and fixtures of the Cannondale Sports Cambridge location, and purchased the Cannondale Sports Natick Location to reopen as Boston Bicycles.

So they had Back Bay Bicycles (in the Back Bay), Boston Bicycles (in Natick) and Papas Wheelies (in Portsmouth, NH). They changed the name of Boston Bicycles to Papa Wheelies, and very recently changed the name of Back Bay Bicycles to Papa Wheelies. The good news if you search for Papa Wheelies in Boston google maps will find it, but calls it Back Bay Bicycles.

BTW, CrimsonBikes recently moved into the empty Cannondale Sports location in Cambridge. (They have a fascinating story of backing into bike retail.)

All is not rosy in the LBS scene however. We lost Hub Bicycle, a service only shop a couple of years ago. They gave up a career as a bike shop owner and are starting a career as an illustrator/designer.

-mr. bill
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