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Originally Posted by caloso View Post
I'd take the WS, but I'm sentimental: I had that exact bike. It was a HS graduation present and I rode it all through college and law school. I raced triathlons and commuted to my first job on it. I wish I still had it. I'd probably convert it to a city bike for commuting.
I had a Traveler in high school so I'm leaning towards the WS. And it is going to turn into my running errands bike, so the WS may be more suited for that. As Mr. 66 said though, red is always faster!

As typical with this stuff though, I can't get any response from the WS seller. I had the person selling the 564 measure it and they say it's 26". I'm assuming they measured incorrectly and it's 25" frame. It may be too big as I normally ride a 58cm, so 23" is what I need.
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