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I used Avocet cranks for 2 or 3 years BITD. They are rebadged Ofmega CX cranks. While they were nominally campy interchangeable, IIRC, the tapers are somewhat on the small side. Sheldon Brown mentions this somewhere, but exaggerates (IMHO). ISO and JIS spindle standards didn't really exist then, I'd still guess they'd be a much better fit on an ISO BB. I think I used one with an Avocet BB for a time, then moved it to a Zeus, which also have a smallish taper. Both worked no problem.

How far does the end of the spindle extend into the crankarms now, with the bolt taken off?

I don't know what alloy they used but it wasn't soft. Presumably 6061.

Sometimes I'll snug up a crank after the first ride just to check, once. If a crank has to be tightened repeatedly, something is seriously wrong. If cranks have been ridden loose for a while, it generally ruins them.

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