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It was midnight on a Friday night, so I decided to sit on the deck and busy myself with the top tube some more.

Doesn't every normal person enjoy their Friday nights like this?

By now, I knew that I was dealing with one primer coat, one coat of sprayed on touchup blue, one more primer coat, and the relatively thin factory paint below it. The top primer coat, as it seems, is relatively thick and tough. Given this information, I decided this time to attack it straight off with a worn-out 600 grit (emphasis on the "worn-out") foam sanding pad, without water. The foam does well to even out the force applied on the curved tube - very controllable. The pad is worn out enough that I can go straight to fine compound from the sanded finish.

And yes, I could have continued with compound, but I can tell you right now that it'd be years before I'd see anything of it. These layers were NOT budging for compound.

The Pro's top tube - presently a temporary member of the Salvador Dali collection - is now a smattering of layers, polished up for the forum's edification. It's quite difficult to tell the primer coats apart - at one point, I thought I burned through the original paint a lot more than you see here, but the darker top tube touchup paint is quite easily detectable in comparison to the lighter, original blue. The original blue on this one is quite possibly the most "hammered paint" look I've ever seen on a Raleigh, but that comes with the lighter colors. Crappy paint, but like no other.

From what I can see, the paint was already alarmingly thin under the cable routing, which explains why the paint burned through to the steel almost instantly around here. The rest seems to be there - except for the obvious chips. Should be interesting to see how much of it survives.

Tempted to call this one the "Professor," but I'm not in the habit of naming my machines...

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