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Originally Posted by Maelochs View Post
A 14-foot lane is not too narrow to share .... if a car is six feet wide, a bike three feet wide, and the car passes three feet from the bike, both have a foot on either outside edge. I am pretty wide, but under three feet ... more like 2.5 feet, and under three feet wide even with packed panniers. A 7-foot--wide truck or SUV could give three feet and still leave six inches between the vehicle an the yellow line, and the bike and the fog line. Theoretically, two SUVs traveling in opposite directions could simultaneously pass cyclists safely and legally.

Not that's I'd generally let that happen if i didn't think the road was safe ...

Here's another thing. Why don't those Pro-cycling advocacy groups raise funds to appeal decisions where cyclists were incorrectly ticketed? it would only take one case where a judge was over-ruled for not knowing the law and it wouldn't happen again.
Actually 14 feet is too narrow. That 1 foot means you are passing parked cars by 1 foot, far too close. It should be 3 feet minimum, 4-5 feet ideally. My bike is also very wide at about 4 feet with both the wide dutch handlebars and mirrors.
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