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Originally Posted by harshbarj View Post
Actually 14 feet is too narrow. That 1 foot means you are passing parked cars by 1 foot, far too close. It should be 3 feet minimum, 4-5 feet ideally. My bike is also very wide at about 4 feet with both the wide dutch handlebars and mirrors.
A 14-foot lane is not too narrow to share .... if a car is six feet wide, a bike three feet wide, and the car passes three feet from the bike, both have a foot on either outside edge. I am pretty wide, but under three feet ... more like 2.5 feet, and under three feet wide even with packed panniers. A 7-foot--wide truck or SUV could give three feet and still leave six inches between the vehicle an the yellow line, and the bike and the fog line. Theoretically, two SUVs traveling in opposite directions could simultaneously pass cyclists safely and legally. [/quote]
Three feet bike, three feet space, six feet car, one foot on each edge equals 14 feet. And darn few road bikes are three feet wide, but just in case. And that is just if the overtaking car doesn't squeeze the center line.

A vehicle like a Cadillac Escalade or a Ford Expedition is 80 inches, so one could fit past with four inches to its left and the bike could still be a foot to the right of the fog line. (A four-foot-wide bike would have to hug the fog line for a few moments--or the vehicle would have to move left.).)

My point here is mostly that “close passes” are a matter of perception, not fact. Even the biggest SUVs on the market can safely (with three to four feet of space) overtake a bike in a 14-foot lane with a three-foot buffer.

Most drivers tend to pull into the oncoming lane when passing me, for whatever reason, at last partway. That’s great, but I don’t freak out when cars pass more closely.

As for those 10-foot wide tourist buses—they have to pull into the oncoming lane. Not too hard to figure out this stuff.

Same thing, obviously, for bikes with wide bars and mirrors which stick out … or when a rider is carrying a wide load. Really not too tough to figure out.

Not sure where the rest of you ride, but I get passed by cars on every ride. And it works out fine, every time, else i wouldn't still be riding.
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