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Originally Posted by Morelock View Post
I'm not sure what you are asking exactly?
Fuji won't answer your emails (they never have mine) you will have to find a brick and mortar dealer and go through them if you want a seatpost or any other parts.
The toppers are Ritchey WCS Alloy 1-bolt . It's the same on the track elite and the Norcom.
I think he's asking if we know of any other way to get this seatpost outside of what he's done so far.

If I recall, he lives in South America (Brazil?), so finding a brick and mortar Fuji dealing shop might not be easy.

RA Cycles in NYC is a major bike shop. They can get just about anything. If you can work something out with them, maybe they can get you the post and ship it to you. I bought my first TK1 from them and they got me an upgraded seatpost soon after. They also tried to get me a seatpost for my LOOK 496 but were not able...but they tried.

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