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Speaking of flat, the NJ Randonneuring season started last weekend 4/6/19 with the 'Batsto 200' ( 70 riders.

My photos ( don't stand up well to what other forum members have posted (see @atwl77 above), but here's one...

I rode an old Bottecchia racing bike now converted to a 650b fixie randonneuring bike. This was its longest ride to date. I've done a few hilly 200k's on fixed gear before, but this was the first really flat one. By the end of the ride, I really really wanted to be off the bike. Just coasting for a little while would have been a great relief. I had been thinking I'd ride the whole NJ "flat series" on the fixie, but I'm having second thoughts about that. The whole time I was on the bike it was a constant effort, faster when there was a tail wind or a downhill, slower when there was a headwind or up hill, but the effort was constant and very tiring.

@antimonysarah, ! And you're doing the East Creek 600? I'll see you there.
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