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Originally Posted by jayhawk12 View Post
Nice work on the conversion and the e-build. I built one also with 1000 watts and 48 volts but only 10 AH. Your 24 would be great!

Mine was too fast for me-- (as an old guy) but the kid who bought it really liked the speed. I made him sign a waiver when he bought it! : )
Thanks Jayhawk12,

I really love the fact that this battery is about four times larger than needed which give me a range of 50 to 70 miles depending upon how hard you push it.

The battery never breaks a sweat as this motor is governed back to about 1000 watts. The battery can put out 3000 watts and would be great for a 3000 watt cyclone mid drive motor. Which means this battery is hardly working at all and should last a much longer time as a result.
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