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You could: 1.Sand the scratches "clean" -2.use an epoxy such as JB Weld (let it sit up a while until it's kind of like putty-3.fill in the scratches with the epoxy and maybe use something like a putty knife to make sure the epoxy is fully into the scratches, and to remove excess expoxy-4.let epoxy dry, then sand smooth and to basic shape of tube-5.primer, sand, primer and sand again, then 5.apply final color coat of paint (and maybe a clear coat if you feel it's necessary). You may not need to do all this if the scratches aren't too deep. And, you could also see what a local auto body shop might want to fix it--probably get a decent job and might not be all that $$$. PS--JB Weld is HARD when it sets up, so if you go that route, be prepared to do a bit of sanding-and care should be taken not to sand the surrounding good paint, of course.

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