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Originally Posted by Chr0m0ly View Post
Does "as far to the right as possible" refer to the furthest right-hand lane of traffic, or just off in the weeds with the broken bottles and crappola?
Actually, it refers to nothing. It doesn't exist. The wording, in pretty-much every state statute, is "as far to the right as practicable". Bicycle advocacy organizations fought VERY hard for the use of this one word in this one phrase. "Practicable" rather than "possible" allows for the discretion of the operator (i.e. YOU) to determine how far to the right you can SAFELY operate. If there's glass in front of you and you need to move to the left to avoid it, going straight is not "practicable".

Common mistake, however, to misread / misquoute the statute. A lot of law enforcement officers don't know the wording, and don't know the difference.

Originally Posted by USAZorro View Post
Seems a decent place to share a fellow I know in Toronto's therapy/charm campaign trick.
I actually observed him do this when I was visiting him and doing a bunch of riding there about 10 years back.

He often rides with an automotive-style fastener that he picked up from the street in his jersey pocket.

If a driver is particularly obnoxious to him, and if he catches up to them a the next light, he will ride up to the window holding the fastener and tap on the window. Then with an air of genuine courtesy, he will show the fastener, and calmly tell the driver that he saw it rolling in the street and that he thought it came from their car. This little ploy is a win on so many levels.
I wonder if this would work anymore. More and more people are leasing their vehicles nowadays. There's no sense of ownership or connection to their vehicles. They drive what's "trending", and turn it in when they're bored with it. They probably figure, if something falls off, it's someone else's problem, or they'll just whip out their phone call someone to make their "problem" go away.
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