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Yes it is innovative but no I would not buy it. What is innovative is the use of a curved chip-on-board LED array to increase the angle at which it is visibile. Lots of new flat COB lights out there far cheaper than the $90 price tag on this light. I always look to see if the company will reveal the battery capacity for the light and sure enough Knog does not. You can get a good idea though that it is not spectacular. A single Panasonic 3300 mAh battery that I used to power a DIY tail light using a 100 lumen COB array weighs 45.7 grams. This light weighs 59 grams. That suggests it may contain a li-polymer battery more like 1200 mAh. COB arrays are really inexpensive these days. I paid 79 cents for the 100 lumen DIY one I used.

I could take three $5, USB rechargeable, 100 lumen COB tail lights, arrange them at angles to each other and achieve the same result. The maker of these lights actually tells me that each has a 650 mAh battery inside.
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