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I should reiterate that Spinergy exceeded my expectations by replacing my rim gratis a year after the warranty expired. They immediately sent me a new rim at my request as I felt like that would be simpler and quicker than sending the wheel to them for repair. Replacing the rim was painless. I zip tied the new rim next to the old one and moved the spokes over in the truing stand. It trued up perfectly with the two sides within 3% for tension, and all individual spokes within less than 10% of average. So the rim started out very round and true before mounting.

I tensioned the spokes to around 100 kgf. Spinergy recommends closer to 120, although the wheels were at more like 80 before I started messing with them and I donít think they changed from the factory as they always ran pretty true. Spinergy cautions against over tensioning because the spokes are more flexible than steel and will over-tension the rim if done by feel. Clearly, too much tension could cause cracks around the spoke holes, but I suppose that having spoke tension too low could allow the rim to flex too much, also resulting in fractures...?

Given our team weight plus bike plus cargo, and our weight distribution, the rear wheel static load could easily be 100 kg. We do frequently climb short grades upwards of 15%, either sitting in a really low gear (26/34) or sometimes out of the saddle in a gear as low as 39/34 for short bursts. Those are probably the times that the rear spokes see the greatest tension, other than hitting potholes at downhill speeds. We also get on unpaved surfaces occasionally, but rarely. Our hub drum brake puts less strain on the wheel than a disc.

You see a lot of these wheels at tandem gatherings. They are comfortable and light. I plan to keep an eye on the rim and monitor tension occasionally, and hopefully get more miles and years from the wheels.
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