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What happened?
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Originally Posted by JohnX View Post
Yes, he whose online nickname shall not be spoken, and wanting you to donate to Patreon, for the inside scoop.

Yes, our friend Eric Hites is really, really, gonna do it this time. Not spending days at hotels enjoying the pool and buffets and Mardi Gras and buying RVs for his wife to drive this time with all the money. I guess that's all gone.

He's about 100 lbs. heavier now though. Re-starting in Jacksonville.

you know what's sad? I want this guy to do it. I really do. Despite his profligate ways, his pretending to ride some of his distance, his total lack of transparency which leads to the suspicion of being a complete charlatan, his blaming everybody but himself, I want the man to do something to improve his health.

Has inflation gotten out of control or can I find some really good ten cent words to use when posting?

Nah, I'm a cheapskate.
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