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Originally Posted by CB HI View Post
What is your opinion on mandatory bike lane use and why is a so called cycling advocacy group trying so hard for the last 3 years to push it? Maybe they think if we are forced to stay in our place, they can get more bike lanes painted and declare some misguided victory. .
Something like this, I think.

Some folks think bike lanes are the answer .... and in a lot of places, they are. In urban environments with lot so complicated intersections, on-street parking, alley driveways, and such .... probably still helpful sometimes. But the only real answer is driver awareness, and good luck with that.

Mandatory bike lanes can help---except when taking a lane is needed. ("The bike lane was full of broken glass, sand, and tree limbs." "This current picture shows it is not." "Well, that day it was." "Too bad, the drunk cell-phone user who hit you says you weren't in the bike lane, so you are guilty.") And can you imagine how the MUP part of the law might be interpreted? "The cyclist had no right riding on the road when there was an MUP just 100 yards away!" "The MUP doesn't go from where I was to where I needed to be." "You didn't use it, as mandated by law. Guilty!"
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