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Originally Posted by CB HI View Post
So no actual discussion by you, just you trying to be internet cute.
What is your opinion on mandatory bike lane use and why is a so called cycling advocacy group trying so hard for the last 3 years to push it? Maybe they think if we are forced to stay in our place, they can get more bike lanes painted and declare some misguided victory.

You lack of discussion is far from amusing, but you do fit in well with so many others like you in BFs.

I'm generally against mandatory bike lanes, although I could imagine places where they might be appropriate as being the only way some route could be accessed by bikes--something unusual like down the median of an interstate highway, for example.
My opinion is Mr. Bill did a really good job of showing why OP was wrong about AAA, at least in this case. My opinion is you attempted to hijack this thread into an absurd attack on environmental law and the entire state of California which is totally outside of the scope of this thread and this forum, and your posts sound like that guy at the bar who has had a few too many and is spoiling for a fight about.... something.
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