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Originally Posted by noglider View Post
It seems that the way to manufacture a good cartridge bearing bottom bracket has become common knowledge, so these unknown copiers seem to be making good products at low price. Give a shot with that TOKEN unit. Never heard of it, but it's worth a try, since replacing these is so much quicker than the old kind.
Probably going to. If I find my receipt from VO on the BB I have, or they e-mail me back, so I know the spindle length of what I have so I know how many mm this is different (I suspect 2mm), ready to go and have this in two days.

Alas, the rest of my bikes are still in pieces, so 'll likely do the unthinkable and ride on the current arrangement a few more times and hope I do not do irreparable damage (GOTTA ride).

I see there's also a genuine Campy BB at Amazon (and I'm sure elsewhere), 115mm and Italian, but $$$ by comparison and there's discussion about early vs. later Campy tapers being different, so...

On the other hand, I did a search for Token's website to see what is actually made, found this page suggesting 115mm is for TRIPLES? Comments on others' choice of spindle length?

EDIT: Yikes! Found my VO receipt, the one in there is 118mm, somehow I suspect 111mm is too short, kinda surprised there would be that much range of sizes, the one I took out is 115mm. Somehow thinking I need a longer BB, where to look?

3RD EDIT: I decided to do some measuring. Point of closest approach, crank arm to chainstay: 14mm right, 12-13mm left. For comparison I checked my wife's Windsor (Campy cranks): about 8-9mm both right and left. Perhaps these 115mm to 118mm spindles are longer than needed?

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