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Originally Posted by enveous View Post
Well, I can see why you would agree with fietsbob as it seems both of you are quite confused about what you are trying to post about.

Next time, you both could save yourselves by doing a simple web search. Knowledge is a wonderful basis for a discussion.
Dude, most of this was posted with very little to no useful info from the OP, my last (relevant) post was made almost at the same time as the OP came in with much more detailed info, which made alot of what everyone had said, including me pretty much irrelevant.

This is pretty normal on BF, that someone posts something, either with far to little info, or cross post throughout BF, with all the relevant info, but where generally most people will only see snippets.

Then at the end of it, we get people like you coming in saying that the people like myself and fietsbob are idiots (yes, you are saying that, not matter how you put it) when we and others have only given as much help a we could with the info provided.

Thank you for your positive and helpful comments throughout this thread.
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