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@ Falchoon ; I like the look of these but the price would be the major obstacle to owning one. That said I don't think I'd buy one of these if I was looking for something that might work well in the daytime. Of course on the brightest output I might be very wrong about that but my gut tells me I'd rather use something more directional for being seen in the daytime. Other than that I think they would work excellent at night. The only downside I see to the design is that the mount is not designed to be aimed. While I know most of the light is going to be outputted very widely I still prefer to be able to aim any rear light straight back. The model that interest me the most is the
Knog "lil' Cobbler" Knog "lil' Cobbler"
. At about $45 ( 50 lumens max ) a light like that would make a nice supplement to your rear / side visibility if you already own a good directional rear light.

Of course as VT has suggested there are cheaper options that can get the job done the same way but personally I'll not shoot down the Knog's especially since I've never seen one in person and have no idea what options they offer as modes.
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