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Originally Posted by CB HI View Post
You and rydabent took the thread on the environmental track in post 13 and 23 without any relation to cycling. Your the one that went on the cali is wonderful route in post 23 and then you get bent out of shape when others express a different opinion to yours. You should also remember that cali is the state that brought us the dangerous for cyclist and pedestrians, 'right turn on red' law. Cyclist use to be considered slow moving vehicles with far more rights until cali brought us the flawed FRAP law, which considers cyclist guilty until the cyclist prove they are not. Cali has such disdain for cyclist, you are not even granted the status of being a vehicle.

States truly friendly to cycling would give us the Idaho Stop Law.

PS - you claimed I am on your ignore list (in all caps).

Dude, you have me totally mixed up with someone else. I didn't post anything in posts 13 and 23, and I haven't claimed to put you on my ignore list yet. When and if I do, I will not do it in all caps.

And I haven't ridden in California in over 20 years, but it was a blast when I did.

I gotta say, if you can't deal with right turn on red, I don't have a lot of respect for your skills.
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