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Originally Posted by enveous View Post
This thread currently has 23 posts. My first post was #11 . You are mischaracterizing what happened.

"fietsbob"'s contributions were not helpful. That lack of helpfullness resulted from a distinct lack of knowledge that wasn't dependent on whether the RX4 was called out in the first post, or not.

Thank you for your positive and helpful comments throughout this thread.
And you prove my point, that this was a cross-posting mess. which has now devolved into a who can delete their post first, resulting in a thread which makes less and less sense and point; which the OP should take a good portion of the blame (I mentioned the RX4 in my first reply, and the OP failed confirmed this within this post at that time, which would have clarified everything subsequent), with yourself the rest (as you failed to see that I had already asked about the RX4, but with no reply in this thread).

Your SRSLY post was demeaning and unnecessary and to a point offensive to the other poster (who has deleted their posts), who posted in their normal manner, but after you 30 odd posts you wouldn't know that...
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