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Originally Posted by enveous View Post
Sharing the truth is demeaning? Correcting someone's erroneous posts is offensive?

That's nuts. As is fietsbob being embarrassed by his posts and deleting them. I've seen these nonsense outbursts by fietsbob and see no reason why his idle speculation shouldn't be corrected with facts.

p.s. I saw you mention the RX4, and I saw your subsequent erroneous claim that they were post mount. Much confusion and wringing of virtual hands about such a simple question.
No. it's the way you said it, with the image, that was offensive. For my post about the PM vs FM, and being erroneous (your using big words now!) assumptions often have to be made with the infomation or lack of that is often supplied, they make both, the OP had failed to say which they were using, and when moving brake type, PM is still the most common for aftermarket calipers.
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