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Hey thanks for all this. I didn't get any e-mail notices like I usually do that there had been any responses to this thread. The most recent thread is making me think outside the box. When I lived in NYC folders were all I rode but in the last 12 years on the west coast its a 50/50 split between full size and folding bike use. I am surprised at how often I am still folding my folder out here, and yes, the folded size still matters I guess. But I have seen reviews saying "it's only a couple of inches, it doesn't matter that much". I've only ever ridden 20" folders. I am well acquainted with that handling. The Expressway had the biggest front ring (53T) of all and an 8sp back end. I always wanted to put a FD on it so when I saw the Terns with FD's as stock I didn't even think about how that shakes out compared to a 1x10. I'm not hard to please. I have many bikes and tandems. All were researched beforehand and bought on features/price/reputation without test riding. I am not sure test riding is going to tell me what I really need to know, and I doubt they are going to let me take one home for the weekend to see if it will fit in my friends trunk or not. I know it will fit on the light rail and bus carriers. I do my own work and could upgrade a D8 to a D10 but I probably wouldn't bother given the existence of a D9 in most models. It's only been a couple of occasions but I have given up my place on the bus rack, which only holds two bikes, because I could fold my 20" down and take it on the bus so someone else could have the rack. Could I do that with the 24"? Maybe. That's why I call it a dilemma. My heart wants the 24" but my head thinks the 20" is the better choice for many reasons. My question was mainly to see if anyone would try to enforce the implied warranty on the Giant Expressway, get another, and call it good, or use this as an opportunity to take a different path. I'm fairly sure the fenders and rack from the Expressway would fit on anything bought without them. Wheels too if it came to that.
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