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Originally Posted by gster View Post
OT, but somewhat relevant...
I have a pot in the kitchen that I've had since 1977
when I moved out of my parents house and they
gave me a bunch of old household items.
I really like this pot.
It's a great pot for soup or rice or Beefaroni.
It heats up twice as fast as any new pot.
It's the perfect size, the handle stays cool.
If you're boiling water, the lid will clang and rattle as an alert.
Recently, I managed to burn it and was quite angry
with myself.

I found a replacement at the thrift shop and looked at
the stamp on the bottom

Revere Ware.....
We all know about Paul Revere's famous ride but
what did he do for a living?
He was a silversmith and made, amongst other things,
pots and pans...
"After Revere's death, the family business was taken over by his oldest surviving son, Joseph Warren Revere.[107] The copper works founded in 1801 continues today as the Revere Copper Company, with manufacturing divisions in Rome, New York and New Bedford, Massachusetts"
I've since found a smaller one in the trash and am keeping
my eyes open for the big pot.

Tune in to PBS Sundays at 3:30 am for my
new call in show...
Pot Talk
Yup. The company Paul Revere founded is still in operation today. Years ago, I used to haul waste fluids out of their Rome NY plant.
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