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Thank you very much for all the suggestions. I should probably learn better how to use an ebike with gears. So which one is a better strategy: Start on eco mode with a too easy gear and increase the support level without changing gears or start on trail on a mid level gear, then go to an easier gear and then go to boost, or start on boost on mid/hard gear then decrease gear while climbing? My experience with the last choice makes me think it isn't the best one, as you probably loose some momentum while trying to change gears and there is no support left from the motor, so you probably can go fast this way but cannot sustain for a long period. The first option is probably the best one, but also slowest one.

And also, what is the real purpose of automatic gears? The regular derailleurs are very efficient in changing gears now (it was a lot problematic 30 years ago), so why would anyone need automatic if it doesn't help you choose the right gear to make you feel comfortable by maintaining a stable cadence independent of the gradient? The only real benefit I would expect from them would be while going uphill, as going on a flat road or downhill isn't a serious problem for gears.

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