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Originally Posted by 63rickert View Post
Here's a (visually) perfect Singer for 2000/offer. 60cm if interested.

Completed listings show a couple recent sales around 1200 for very good looking bikes.

A Singer is always going to be worth the trouble. A rough Singer is a worthwhile project, should be priced as a project.
Words to live by, a Singer is always going to be worth the trouble.

I saw that listing on evilbay. It's a beautiful bike and an ok price. It's likely someone at least mildly affiliated with the shop, because it's located in Levallois. I know beggars can't be choosers, but somehow putting campy/Cinelli on it and not having brazed-on Mafacs for brakes just seems ...wrong. The craftsmanship is virtuosic, but it's too Italian for me and wouldn't be easily adapted to French components because of the non-brazed-on brakes.

A few years back I dropped in to the Singer shop on a Saturday and met Olivier and the gang, who were sharing beers in the upper level. Talking about Bicycle Quarterly. Got to test-ride one of the guys' all-French-equipped racing models from the '70s, with Maxicars Stronglight and Simplex and Huret Jubilee. Man was it ever excellent! Too small though. Old French bikes are almost always too small for me. I may wait forever, or I may cough it up and order a custom new build. Another possible sticking point is that I don't see a 650b rando bike anywhere in the recent-builds section of their website, and I'm not sure if that's just because this style really isn't popular in the current French high-end or if they simply Won't Build One. And I'm too afraid to ask unless I have several thousand euros at the ready and serious conviction to buy one. Any "tire kicking" or "what-if game" is just wasting Olivier's time.
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