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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
Hey thanks for all this.
Hey, my bad for all the excessive (and unnecessary) information; sounds like you're better equipped than I am for all this.

Having said that, it sounds like you're pretty set on getting a 24" folder; I know you've ridden a lot of bikes, but maybe try going into a store and just folding down a 20" vs 24" folder to see them side by side? You already have an idea of how well a 20" folder did or did not fit, so you might be able to gauge the 24" based on that.

As for your Giant, are you able to get a different brand/model as a replacement for your Giant through your LBS, or is it a matter of repairing/replacing your Giant and then buying another bike outright? If the latter, then you'll definitely want to get a repair/replacement on your Giant, even if to have it as a spare bike (assuming you can put that much out for a new folder), or to sell it to fund your new folder.

Finally, you do mention having a number of bikes, so it's a matter of whether you're going to ride the folder consistently to places where folding is not required (i.e., out for a cruise in the park or on a trail), or is this only something you'll take when the folding capability is important (i.e., using transit, visiting friends late at night, etc)? If you have other bikes that you use for cruising or general commuting, and want the folder specifically for its folding ability, then I would get a 20". If this will be your main mode of transport, and you're really set on the 24", then get the 24".

Having said all that, what it really sounds like is that you want confirmation that a 24" bike is suitable; if that's the case (and be honest with yourself), then get the 24". Who cares whether Joe Schmo (like myself) prefers a 20" over a 24"? I assume 24" folders exist because they still make sense (as far as overall size) even when folded, otherwise companies wouldn't produce them. If your heart is genuinely set on a 24" folder, then get your Giant warrantied (either replacement or repair) and then trade/sell it for the Tern.

Who knows, maybe this is crap advice, but you keep commenting on the 24", which makes me think that you've already made that decision. Plus, if you absolutely hate it then you can blame all of us and tell us how terrible it is.
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