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Originally Posted by I-Like-To-Bike View Post
No, not for real, since I never said I was upset by anything you posted, that is your straw man argument.

You are the fellow whose posts indicate an emotional concern about the relative speed of strangers and the construct that enjoyment of bicycling is dependent on being fast enough to at least keep up with the speed of strangers.
Wow, speaking of straw man arguments, you just made a doozy.

That "construct" is completely your invention. It's an aspect of bicycling I enjoy, but I defy you to find anything @Skipjacks has said that would imply that enjoyment of bicycling is dependent on it.

So basically you're implying that if we enjoy an aspect of bicycling that you don't care about, we're saying that you can't enjoy bicycling? Please don't make that argument near an open flame, straw tends to catch.

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