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Been repaired twice: once back in '89 when I was living in NL and found Cyclart's ad in the back of Winning Magazine and had just broken a drop-out on a cobbled ride, somewhere north of Liege.

And then by a hamfisted guy (named Bob, I think) up in Santa Barbara after I wrapped a seatstay around a guard-rail during a ride with the UCSB Cycling Team. I had little white styrofoam balls falling out of my fabric Gyro helmet cover and no one present thought it was at all funny when I said, "Check it out, it's snowing!" and shook my head to cause more foam balls to fall out. (Pompous, blow-dried college boys ain't got no dang sense of humor.) Notice the vertical drop-outs below; considered putting horizontals back in on her recent trip back to Cyclart, but they're part of her history now.

Had the bike since '88, and found out later it was made in '84 within 5 miles of where I now live in Carlsbad.

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