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Finally pictures! Congrats, it's the real deal.

My knowledge base for Singer is not as great as for other bikes of this type. Generally speaking, the style of the lugs, incorporated cable guide for the rear centre pull brake, fish mouth treatment and finish quality of the stays and fork blade at the dropout and fork ends are "typical" of Singer and the kind of thing I personally look for when evaluating these bikes. Interestingly there are braze-ons for integrated racks front and rear which is a positive even if the racks are not present.

I have difficulty classifying this bike though. While it has braze-ons for racks and eyelets on the fork-ends and dropouts, it has horizontal not vertical dropouts which you would expect on a cyclosportif, randonneuse or touring. Nor does it have braze-on posts for the centre-pulls. The equipment is not something one would expect for a French bike made for France. Singer did sell bikes through some shops in the U.S. and I think this is one of those.

I quite strongly disagree with painting this frame. The decals show that this is a Ernst Csuka Singer which adds provenance and value. I think the paint can be brightened up significantly.

With respect to value, it is difficult to say. 62 cm is a rare size so there is a small, but definite market for it. As a complete bike, most Singerphiles are looking for French equipment not Campy. The frame (too me anyway) is a bit of an odd duck, but it is a Singer so is a quality frame. For comparison a private sale is currently asking about 5k for a superb bike, recent ebay sales of good (better than yours) have been around 3k and the dregs, a CNC built Singer went for about 1500.

Ray H.
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