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Originally Posted by krecik View Post
My dad does that with his chopping knives. Nice idea

I use polyeurea synthetic grease. The same grease I use on my entire bike. I'd avoid copper anti-seize if you're gonna use alu rims and nipples. From what I heard copper and alu engage in something called a galvanic reation which causes corrosion to aluminium in salty conditions (think salt on roads in the winter).

Polyeurea grease is virtually washout proof and it doesn't have any metal based soaps so it doesn't engage in galvanic corrosion with other metals.

I use Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease, it's quite cheap, but you can get it in 50g tins from cbennissupplies on ebay as well, it's the same stuff:

Good luck, Kret
The point about copper grease is not correct. In a bit more details on anti seize for bicycles.
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