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Originally Posted by Sapperc View Post
First, I suggest you get a second opinion from another mechanic and have him or her explain what exactly as a minimum needs to be replaced and what specifically is worn, broken, or otherwise wrong and in need of maintenance on your current drivetrain and the rest of the bike.

Having said that, assuming the current drivetrain components are original, you would no doubt experience a quantum leap in performance by installing the current or even last yearís closeout model 105 groupset, but at a huge cost. And Ultegra is going to be not a little more, but much more. And then there is installation, unless you are experienced in installing and tuning the drivetrain and cockpit.

If you can get the bike rolling with new cables, chainrings, and cassette, that is probably the best way to proceed. Make it road worthy, get out and ride it, see what else if anything needs attention, and gauge how enthusiastic you are about cycling and this bike in particular.

Donít be in a hurry to start dumping money into this thing. There are clothes, accessories and equipment you will want to budget for first. You will always have the option to upgrade.

Best of luck with your bike!
I havent necessarily gotten a second opinion but I have gotten 2 of the best shops in town to try to tune up the shifting and neither one of them have been able to do it where it is working smoothly.

I kind of jump into things completely head first so I already have bike shoes, helmets, clothing etc.

I will probably try to learn how to replace everything myself, I like learning how to work on stuff. But It looked like I can get a complete 105 groupset for $440 or $640 for new ultegra

Do you think the new 105 would be an upgrade from 5-10 year old ultegra and dura ace components?
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