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Originally Posted by ckc 189 View Post
Do you think the new 105 would be an upgrade from 5-10 year old ultegra and dura ace components?
I have 2 new bikes with 11-speed 105.

I also picked up 2 used bikes with minimal miles, one with 9-speed Tiagra, and one with 8-speed Shimano 600 STI.

The smoothest and most reliable shifting of any of them? The 25-year old Shimano 600. You have to hand it to Shimano: they did indexed shifting and brifters right - out of the gate.

Best STI shifting I've ever experienced? Dura-Ace 7700. 9-speed. That was one quality gruppo. The materials and finish in this gruppo are definitely 2-levels higher than with the current 105.

I can already hear the howls of protest, that the new stuff is always better than the old. But most of these will be comparisons of old gruppos with worn out chains, gummed-up shifters, and frayed cables.

Right out of the box, the (good) old STI stuff was as smooth/ crisp as the new stuff.

Actually, when Shimano put the shifter cables under the bar tape, it introduced sharper cable bends, and a lot more friction. Plus the shifters started eating cables. Shifting got worse right then.
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