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Originally Posted by WizardOfBoz View Post
Now that would be a good stats problem.

BTW, for those that are interested, the analysis of bicycle stability is pretty complex. A good overview is in Bicycling Science. The 2nd edition, imho, may be more clear than the 3rd, but both are good.

It would be interesting to look at a bunch of forces contributing to bicycle ride and stability.

HT angle,
Gyroscope Effect

Etc. Perhaps one could answer the question once and for all, of how to ride a bike.

Over the last 10 years, since this thread was started, there has been a huge interest in materials science and modelling of a bicycle.

So, to a large extent, we've seen an end to round-tube bicycle frames, and everything is engineered tubing.

Big Tubes, Small Tubes, Fat Tubes, Skinny Tubes. Tapered Tubes, etc. In materials design, one not only has the bike in normal riding conditions, but extreme conditions. Running into parked cars (good acceleration problem), hopping up onto, and down off of curbs, etc.

Fatigue, and aging of components?
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