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I was not a believer in professional bike fits. I'm 62, so for 39 years of adult bicycling I bought bikes, got the cheapie/quickie (stand next to the seat, sit on the seat) saddle height adjustment and then tinkered on my own from there. When I went to clipless pedals, set up the cleats on my own.

When I hit 60 I bought a mid-life crisis bike, a Trek Domane SL6 disc, that came with a discounted fancy Retul fitting. After a few weeks of getting used to the new bike, I went in and had it done.

Bottom line was he raised my seat almost 3/4 of an inch, and moved my SPD-SL cleats all the way back in my shoes. Did several long rides immediately after the fitting (against the recommendation not to do so...) and saw immediate improvements in how I felt on long hilly rides.

I replicated the bottom bracket to seat, and seat to hand position measurements on my other bikes, and the cleat position on my touring SPD shoes.

I'm not a racer or a gram shaver, but it only makes sense to set your bike up in the most effective and efficient position to make rides as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I thought I had done that over the years on my own, but but I never hit upon those two simple adjustments.

I had been anticipating "you need a different seat, different pedals, buy this" kind of pressure but there was none of that. The one thing I did spend on as an experiment was custom fit shoe liners or foot beds, whatever the term is. They were discounted, as well - for my other shoes I tried cheaper ones you can buy online, can't tell the difference between the two types - but I do like each better than the ones that came with the shoes that I had always just used before.

Put me down on Team Professional Bike Fit.
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