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Just was on the other end of the Nash Rambler scenario today. I passed a group ride on a fairly empty MUP, and didn't think much of it. They were going fairly slow. A few minutes later, I realize one of them had broken from the group, and was drafting me. I really don't care if someone does that, it happens once in a while and as long as they're not getting crazy close, it doesn't offend me. I've actually ended up in some good conversation that way.
But this guy was clearly intent on passing me. He managed to do it, and then promptly dropped, and I am not exaggerating, a full 4 mph. Now, he is actually slowing me down quite a bit, which I do find annoying in that context. I wait until there's a straightaway, and let him know (nicely) I'm going to pass on left. There's about a third of a mile between us and a blind curve, so I have plenty of time to complete the pass without worrying about not seeing someone in the oncoming lane. I get alongside this guy and he starts pedaling frantically, and says to me "Wanna go?" I had to point out to him that racing into a blind corner is a pretty good way to kill someone because I won't know if someone is in the left lane, and promptly pulled back behind him. He, of course immediately and drastically dropped speed, actually struggling to maintain 15 mph. I passed him on the next straightaway, and didn't see him again until I passed him again going the other way on my return leg. He was very friendly as we passed going opposite directions, and he seemed quite happy having dropped back with his group.

The whole thing would have been silly fun, but I really was appalled by the blind curve thing.
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