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Originally Posted by KraneXL View Post
Please specify: Intercity? Interstate?
Yes, long distances. Highway trips. Anywhere from 1/2 hour to over 24 hours. Buses as trains, basically, since trains are incredibly difficult to achieve in many places.

Careful when you go down that road. It may start off with good intentions, but segregation invariably leads to integration and well all know what happens after that.
I really dislike segregation, classism, etc. but I have to admit that even as an egalitarian person, I see behavior and hygiene issues that warrant segregation away from some people that has nothing to do with anything about them besides how they choose to care for themselves and behave.

There is already segregation built into the fly/drive/bus transportation. People are segregated economically into taking buses and many people who can afford to fly do so not just because taking a bus takes longer but because the people are more 'deplorable' in many ways. If you would try integrating buses and air travel to ensure there's no segregation, you would probably run into as much trouble as if you tried getting everyone to ride the bus with all the other people they 'deplore.'

I'm sure there is also classist segregation between different airlines, which have different pricing for tickets. Driving allows everyone to segregate away from everyone else, except at rest stops, and then you can segregate away from those by stopping at a restaurant or someplace else that charges premium prices. Even filling stations segregate people into class rankings by pricing, don't they?

Considering all this other class segregation is already going on, why would it be such a big deal to further segregate buses so that people who are drunk, unwashed, loud/obnoxious/rude, or somehow otherwise 'deplorable' would not be allowed to ride the polite bus? Would that be such a gross offense to equality in a way that all these other institutions aren't?
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