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Originally Posted by Skipjacks View Post
People like that drive cars too. They dart out making a turn into your lane because they HAVE to be in front of you...then want to drive 10 mph below the speed limit.

This kind of person is everywhere.
My sense is he was trying to show off for his friends and really thought it was all good fun. I would have as well, but for the blind curve thing. When I passed the group going the other way, they were all saying to me "there he goes! there he goes!"

I have a really high cruising speed for my age that I can maintain for hours, especially on roads. About 2 or three times a month, someone will misinterpret that as me racing to get ahead of them, so they'll knock themselves out struggling to barely pass me, stay up there for a minute or two, and then just fade completely. The funny part is when they start offering excuses--I don't think they're being intentionally insulting, but it does come off as "someone like you just can't possibly be faster than someone like me". White hair and inexpensive bikes really do trigger defensiveness in some people, and it's not like I'm taunting them or questioning them. I'm just riding my ride. Some of these guys seem like they're going to take a baseball bat to their Lightspeed when they get home, but I might be imagining that.
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