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Originally Posted by Salamandrine View Post
I've never used anything but my hands to mount a tire. It's an ex-mechanic ego thing. One had to be able do put on a tire with no tools, even if it gave you bloody hands, otherwise your coworkers will laugh at you. Still, every once in a blue moon there'd be that tire. Therefore I got one of those koolstop things a while back, just in case. Haven't tried it yet.
I have the same bike shop pride with not using levers, although certain tire rim combos just need it, but you are more likely to pinch the tube using a lever.

My secret for not needing levers is a pair of Radnor polyurethane gloves. Tight-fitting with the polyurethane coating on the palms and fingers make them ideal for changing tough tires. They are very grippy and protect your skin from the rubbing.

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