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Finally managed to get some climbing in! Total ride distance, 70k. Total elevation, 1,100m.

I felt good on the ride. Just slow and steady as I did my climb. The ride up was good, but the ride down. Wow. I thought I'd planned well as far as staying warm was concerned. Um, yeah, not quite. My hands freaking froze on the way down! The only way I could have avoided the freezing hands would have been to bring a second set of gloves with me. But not having a second set of five finger gloves meant I was pretty much boned.

That said, packing a toque up with me was brilliant as my painters hat was soaked with sweat and would have been BRUTAL on the way down. Also, I didn't plan my eye wear all that well. There was definitely not enough sun for sunglasses so the whole ride seemed rather dark/dim.

There is still snow up on the mountain too. Interesting to now that last year when I did this ride, daytime temps at the bottom were 22 degrees. Today? 13 degrees. Just a bit of a change.

Knee warmer - good idea.
Two layers - good idea.
Boot covers - good idea.
Toque - good idea.
Two pair of gloves on the way up - good idea.
Same pair of gloves on the way down - bad idea!

All in all though, was a good ride. Glad I am finally getting some climbing in.

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