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Wind. Tons and tons of wind today. That said I still managed to get in 100k ride. But man, the wind never let up! Riding over the bridge in the AM I was having a hard time breathing. The wind was sucking/whipping the air away before I could get a breath. Luckily for me, it wasn't like this all day/morning.

The good thing about this ride though is I rode with Dom and Steve. I hadn't ridden with them in a while, so it was nice to ride with friends again. And, they introduced me to a new little coffee shop off the beaten path. Very cool!

The ride wasn't a fast ride, but that's ok. It was just nice to get out and a 100k in under my belt. Still working on my sit bones though. At approx 60k sitting on my saddle most definitely was NOT comfortable. I think it is time to get a new saddle. I was looking at my saddle while oiling my chain and I can see the scuff marks in the leather from where I bit it years ago. Plus in looking at the rails, all of the paint(?) has worn off. That AND the saddle is permanently bent to the shape of my butt. Going to have to look saddles at the LBS and see what they can recommend.

Also, once I was back home I cleaned and lubes the chain. After riding in light/drizzling rain, not to mention through puddles and sand, the chain was a right mess. Took me longer than I thought to clean everything up, but now the chain is sparking clean. I used the Park Dummy Hub for the first time (thank you Santa) and it worked well enough once I figured it out.

Good ride today. Dressed for the elements well enough (warm weather gloves, knee warmers, 2 x base layers, jacket, toque, bibs, booties). I thought I was under dressed when I started, but turns out everything worked out ok.

What's cool about this image from the coffee shop is there was a road race going on. And we were at the finish line, so we had a live band to listen to as we chowed down on our mid-rid snacks.
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