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There's also the KHS Urban X which has 27.5x47mm tires.

What I can't really understand though is the difference between the marketing and what they'll say in articles etc. Like, I saw one article somewhere talking about a, I think it was a Cannondale and how they found the bike so fun to ride in 650b. I also read a comment from someone saying he had experience with 26", 27.5" and 29" tires. He said he found the 27.5" to have the best qualities of the other two. But in the marketing of 650b bikes, manufacturers will come out with arguments like 650b will result in larger tire width with the same circumference as a smaller 700c tire and also stronger wheels. However, they also don't tell you how they may choose 650b instead of 29er because they know the 29er will be more difficult to pedal. (Or, I mean you'd have to use different chainrings at the front.) In any case, Louis Garneau changed the M1 from 29er to 650b. There must be a reason for this.
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