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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
You are notorious to spinning things I say into negatives to push me into defense. All you do when you respond to my posts is pick fights. I really don't see why you need to reply to my posts at all when all you do is obstruct good discussion.

Segregation is not talked about openly. If people pay more for one airline or bus carrier or hotel or store or filling station than another, it may have to do with something about product/service quality and/or it may have to do with choosing the kind of people they want to be around or avoid being around. It's not something people usually talk about openly, but it is plain to see if you are honest.

It already happens with buses where certain coach services are more expensive and some are even totally private, i.e. charter buses. All I said is that if Greyhound, the current low price leader, would cite passengers for certain behaviors, then those people wouldn't be allowed to ride on certain buses and it would encourage people to behave well, not drink/smoke, etc. You shouldn't have to pay more to ride on a bus with non-smokers, sober people, and people who are polite and avoid behaving in a rude/obnoxious manner. Those people shouldn't be totally excluded from travel if they don't improve their behavior, but they could be limited to taking certain buses and not others for the benefit of those passengers who put effort into boarding clean, sober, smoke-free, and stay polite.
I didnít have to spin anything thank you very much. You made your point. You confirmed your stand to segregate passengers in a bus and in fact to qualify for riding a bus. I shall not add or detract from your suggestions to make them anything different from what they are. I am satisfied we know where you stand.

I for one one am not for kicking people off the bus because I donít care for them or their place in society. I come from an ideology of if I donít like something I donít participate in that something. I am not however for kicking people off of a bus because they arenít like me. Your solution could be unconstitutional.
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