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Originally Posted by Beverly View Post
What a pleasant surprise to get an email saying my name had been mentioned here. I've read the thread and am happy to see several names I still recognize. I enjoyed catching up with what many have been doing….
Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
Another great post from a long-time BF member. It has been a lovely week seeing them here again, even if only for guest appearances.
Originally Posted by qcpmsame View Post
Thanks for replying, I had a feeling you might Prairie-Dog, if I gave you a mention.
Hi @Beverly ,

Dittoes to the above. I hope you recall that we met on the Fifty-Plus Second Annual Ride in Watkins Glen.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…Beverly and her “posse” of Louis, Bob and John were a remarkable crew and it was a laff-riot to hear of their previous tours over the “campfire” at their site. If Bev is looking for a nickname, with all due respect, in the spirit of the bad biopic, the title “Ma Barker” came to mind.
Was @rtool there too, or was he mis-named by me as “Bob? I met him (again) at the Third Annual Ride in Chelsea, MI, and when he came to Boston for the Sixth.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
…Freedomrider, Irwin, John, rtool and I found each other at about 7:00 AM….[with a photograph of us the night before]
Originally Posted by rtool View Post
Spent a great weekend with Jim (Jimfromboston).
After hearing about GOBA, I have a stated yearning to do it, but
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
2016 - Your Touring Plans = Where Are You Going?

My similar situation too; generous amount of annual vacation days but limited to how many as can be enjoyed consecutively...maybe two weeks long at most under special circumstances, especially in the summer.

This year I have been seriously looking at GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycling Adventure), an annual organized five day circuit in June in Ohio; I would do it credit-card style. That however would involve besides five days riding, two travel days to and from Boston, and two days visiting family in Michigan. Three riding days would be more feasible. So plans are tenuous.
Also they have ended the organized Motel option, instead leaving riders on their own to make arrangements, seemingly a complicated logistical task for the unfamiliar.
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
… (Our previous tours were all self-supported and self-guided. If I/we were to resume touring, it would at least be a credit card style, if not an organized tour.) …
and I stayed in a motel in Watkins Glen.

Finally, Beverly you might find this thread amusing, to which I posted:
Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
50+ the way that it used to be

...Another change IMO is the seeming disappearance of self-identified females from those good old days. Miss Kenton, Miss Jean, and Beverly come immediately to mind as the Women of Fifty-Plus, since I have met them all in person.

I considered Miss K the doyenne of the Forum with her savvy and witty posts.


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