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Originally Posted by gugie View Post
The first mile or so was treacherous, big groups of bikes wandering around on the road. A quarter mile in I saw a woman on a brand new bike laying down sideways, clipped into her pedals, not knowing how to get out. I think Johnny stopped and helped her out. I believe it's a huge disservice overselling beginner cyclists and making them think that they need to have clipless pedals to ride a bike. From what I saw it appeared to be that way.

We saw a nice LeJeune, a Della Santa, and a Jack Taylor tandem that I'd seen before two years ago when we rode this thing, but other than that it felt that we were singularly holding down the C&V fort out on the course.
I did stop to help her out, she couldn't get out of her pedals. I was a bit taken aback when I first saw her, as I couldn't understand what had happened for her to fall over, and then it registered, "Ah, the pedals." She wasn't able to get a foot out until I picked her up. Fortunately, she was otherwise unhurt.

As for the bikes, it was funny when one older gentleman looked at us and said, "Looks like you guys decided to pull the vintage bikes out of the garage!" Well yeah, because that's all we've got! As Andy put it, "Otherwise known as 'the bikes.'"
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