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I just found some interesting bikes. The Brodie Robson has 27.5x2" semi-slick tires, fenders and a backrack (but no chainguard). The Brodie Torque is somewhat unusual but really cool in that it looks like a hybrid but has 27.5x2.8" semi-slick tires with fenders believe it or not. The fenders alone are probably rare. And it has a non-suspension-corrected fork which means it has true hybrid geometry and not a converted mountain bike. This is truly cool.
The Masi Vita has 650bx47c tires. And the Silverback Scento Metro also has 27.5x2" tires.

With all the choices though, I'm kind of leaning towards the Devinci Cartier with alu frame and fork, rack eyelets front & back. Although it does have a chainguard, it's only a single gear at the front. I like the mechanical brakes of the Altus model though because it means you never bleed the brakes. I'm almost tempted to buy it to convert it the way I like it next year. Even though I admit if a similar bike exists next year capable of even larger tires, I'd look at that too (Cartier is capable of 2" tires.)
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