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I spent a few years flipping bikes by buying them at yard sales, thrift stores and auctions. I wasn't the most efficient flipper but since it was mostly just for fun I didn't fret too much as long as I covered my expenses. Good bikes under $200 went pretty fast but the market started changing when anything other than the cleanest and latest models got harder and harder to sell. I used Craigslist exclusively and became aware of the number of bike flippers and trends on what was and wasn't moving. Another bike seller located closer to a subway station, moved a lot more bikes than I would at similar price points. His location was just much more convenient and I found meeting buyers ended up costing me more time than I was willing to spend.

Bikeshare bikes have killed some of the moderately priced used bike market in my area. Changing tastes toward things like gravel bikes and disc brakes have similarly killed demand for bikes that aren't in those categories or without the desired features. Similarly, the Bicycle Blue Book website, which purports to have real values for bikes, but is mostly just a front for their industrial scale bike buying and bike flipping operation, has people expecting lower prices for newer used bikes and and nothing prices for older bikes.

As for stolen bikes, I had people contacting me offering to sell nice bikes very cheap which made me assume they were stolen. They also wanted me to pick them up in less than great neighborhoods which also gave me pause as to the provenance of the bikes. I suspect most stolen bikes are sold very quickly and very cheaply. There's probably an export market for higher end stolen bikes too.

I don't do facebook but friends tell me that the bike marketplace there is active in my area.
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