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After being off my bike for a week I wasn't sure how far I wanted to ride today. I know I wanted to get out and hopefully hit 100k, but I wasn't sure if my legs would take me that far. The good news? I ended up riding 115k! However when I finished my ride my legs were spent!

Initially I thought I had dressed poorly for the ride. Turns out, I dressed just right.
  • Knee warmers
  • Toque
  • Under Armour
  • Base Layer
  • Warmer jacket/jersey
  • 5 finger gloves
  • Booties
I might have been able to get away from wearing the booties, but at least this way my feet were warm for the ride. NOTHING is worse than having cold feet.

Summer has definitely landed in my part of the world, as there were many MANY riders and clubs out today. I do miss the days when riding was a fringe sport and people freaked out when you told them you rode 100k on Saturday. Now people assume I'm training for a century ride when I tell them the distance I've ridden. <sigh>.

Saw Bruce out on the bike today. He's getting back in to riding again. I'll have to catch up with him for a ride.

I think my saddle has had it. After 50k I was starting to get some sit bone pain. Not good, especially this early in the season.

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