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Originally Posted by tandempower View Post
Please don't turn this into an anti-Uber thread. It's all too clear how many different critiques have been devised to stop Uber from competing with the established taxi industry and otherwise threatening the market positions of anyone whose market position is threatened by cheap ride-sharing.

Try to stay on the topic of high-speed rail.
Why don't more people fix up old Colsons, Firestones and course Rollfasts and Schwinns?

You would think people were dying or something from the tone of this argument coming from a scant few members in Texas.

What others know that 'we' don't is that they are at work on time while it takes more than half an hour to drive from Canyon County, Idaho to Boise. The speed limit on the rural portion is 75 mph and there are sections with six lanes and plenty of exits, flyovers, connectors, you name it. They built noise walls for the residents living next to the freeway. There are businesses galore all the way through.

Now you take a network of dedicated rails not generally shared by freight trains and send them off at over 100 mph. No auto crossings, no drivers who try to beat the train or simply don't hear it. If done right little chances of derailment.


It boils down to if you don't like it, don't use it. You have no right to object to the will of many other people, no more than who won the presidency, even if it stinks to you. Now I'll go back over these threads and try to figure out what reasons are objected to but maybe you should watch Kraftwerk's ode to train travel...


Marcia Brady rode a ROLLFAST!

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