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Originally Posted by big chainring View Post
"Am I shrinking, wising up, or just getting old?"

Sounds like a "substitute" lyric for "My Generation".

Talkin 'bout my generation, talkin 'bout my generation,........
Feelin' tired and chutzpah's d-d-down
(Squawkin' for more medication)
Soon we'll be Medicare-bound
(Talking 'bout my generation)
Mirror view: I'm awfully o-o-old
(Gawk at needed emendation)
Paunch and thighs corpulently rolled
(Hoggin' much alimentation)

This is my generation
We require veneration

"Why don't you all f-fade away?"
(Not what I'd call commendation)
That's what the k-kids look at us and s-s-say
(Grok SS* despoliation)
Some of us, can't deny, have I-id f-f-fixation
(Taught to us in education)
But we're raised as the "me" g-g-g-generation
(Each is a "me" generation)

Here's the next generation
They require veneration, babies

Lucky if I'm l-l-laid today
(Soft makes it hard: penetration)
To raise like a lid, I've got my w-w-way
(Talkin' 'bout Vi' medication)
And then I have got cause for c-c-celebration
(Talkin' 'bout try fornication)
And now many nights of relaxation
(Talkin' 'bout attenuation)

Member of generation
Will take a long vacation, maybe

Feelin' tired and chutzpah's d-down
(Squawkin' for more medication)
Gotta take care. . .I'll f-f-fall down
(Walkin' with some hesitation)
Mirror view: I'm awfully o-o-old
(Watchin' with repudiation)
Prostate size gotta be controlled
(Talking' 'bout my urination)

This is eye lacrimation
This is my lamentation, aging

...not mine, found on web
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